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Product Features

Client Management

Easily Search and Manage Your client under one system and be organise with all the updates of your clients

  • Search information of clients
  • Track outstanding Amount
  • View update and notification of Clients
  • Attached documents of clients

Below is the screenshot of the Client Dashboard

(Client Dashboard)

System with provide you notificate related to clients regarding their payments and due task

Institute Management

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)

Easily organize the institute list and records to become ready with applications.

  • Record Institute Details and their locations
  • Manage Courses of that institutes
  • Add Contact Person and their details
  • Add intake of the institute
  • Assign Super Agent along with their commission.

Enrollment Management

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)

Track all the step of your student enrollment process and stay up to date with latest status.

  • Enroll clients into Institutes.
  • Create Multiple Invoices to Track the Commission from college and clients
  • Record payment of College and Clients related to the application
  • Assign Super Agent and Sub Agent for the application
  • Track and update every status of the application
  • Attached documents to the application along with offer letter and Coe.
  • Filter the application according to your requirements.

Invoice Management

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)

Manage and Track Your Invoices

  • Create / Manage College Invoice and super Agent Invoice
  • Create / Manage Client Invoice
  • Create Multiple Invoice for current payment and future payments
  • Get Reports of Pending and Paid Invoices
  • Export Reports into Pdf, Excel, Print or copy
  • Merge multiple invoices to create 1 Group Invoice
  • Print Invoice directly from the system


(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)
  • Record all the payments of college, sub agents and clients
  • Record all the commission and discount/cashback
  • Assign multiple payments to the invoices
  • Print Receipt for Payments
  • Filter and export the payment records

Task & Reminders

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)
  • Update all the task and get reminded of any outstanding task.
  • Get list of all the notification, changes and updates directly into dashboard

User Management

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)

Assign users with different Level to grant various access to the system.

Users have 3 levels:

  • Admin
    Access to all the features of the system
  • Staff
    Access to most of the features of the system
    Users Management
    Company Details Management
  • Accountant
    Access to only account part of the system

Reports Management

(Screenshot source: Condat Solutions)

Search and Generate report of various records to better organize your Data

Generate Report for:

  • Application
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Group Invoice
  • Export Reports to Excel | Pdf | Print | Copy | CSV
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